Wow, my second session with Sandra Edwards today- wow! What she does I think EVERY entrepreneur needs!

Ann Evanston


My hand reading with Sandra was amazingly profound in ways I never imagined a hand-reading could be. I was at a cross-roads of relationship when I went to her and really in need of healing as well as insight. Her insights were not only true and helpful. Her presence and the way she shared them was wise, heartfelt and healing. I felt my body and spirit relax and respond to being seen, heard and cared about. At the beginning of the reading I was tense, heart-broken and in pain. I left feeling relaxed, comforted in my spirit and much lighter in my body, even able to make a joke on the way out. I am an energy healer and body worker and I know when something heals me. This truly did.

Dakota McKenzie

Before I had a series of hand analysis sessions with Sandra, I was overwhelmed in my Asian Bodywork practice wondering if I really could make it work after being in business for 13 years. After I received my readings with Sandra, I totally embraced my career because not only was it confirmed in my hands, but my prints gave me information about my life’s purpose and how I had been playing small. I began to allow who I was to shine and attracted more clients into my practice to where my practice is full with a 4 week lead time. Since then, I have confidently stepped into offering classes in which I have found them growing each time I teach a new class. My hand analysis helped me to step into being the Authentic Powerful Healer that I AM!

Tomasa Macapinlac

Self-Care Queen

I was given a Hand Analysis by Sandra Edwards and it was AMAZING. I also took her Hand Analysis classes and I learned so much about myself. I learned my Life Purpose, Life Lessons and School or reason for Being Here on Earth. These classes helped me learn how to market and present myself to be more Authentic.

Deborah Wiener

I just finished Sandra Edwards’ wonderful 4 week class on Hand Analysis. I found it absolutely fascinating!

It was incredible to find out what showed up in your hands (right and left even show different things) and even more amazing to find how the lines and markers actually reflected my life that I’ve been living.

Sandra took our hand prints and worked with all of us in the class. It was also fun to hear her talk about the other participants and how their hands also reflected their lives.

If anyone is just curious about hand analysis or really wants to take a deeper look into their life, I highly recommend this class!

Candace Davenport

Owner, Our Little Books

I’m a client of this client. She is a hand analyst, in another word, she reads and deciphers the lines on your palm. She read my palms last week, and it’s as if she has ESP or something, but in fact, it is all there on my hands, she just knows how to read it. Without telling her what is going on in my life, she highlighted a few details that matched the energy of what may actually be going on, and I thought she has been living with me, quite interesting how she can tell so much in one hour just with her magnifying glass while holding my hand. I think my image of her tells all as well, her love of life shows through the twinkle in her eyes, and the lines on her face defines her character

Lily Dong

Owner, Lily Dong Photography

Handprints say so much about a person. It is a language in itself that requires someone like Sandra Edwards to translate for us to understand our life purpose, our soul purpose. What a relief to really know my life purpose. My hands tell me that I am in the school of love. But I didn’t know until Sandra translated my handprints for me. I now know my path which helps make decision making easier. Taking the classes that Sandra offers has helped me understand the different paths that exist. This helps me understand people better. Handprints are truly unique and the information they hold fascinating! Thank you so much Sandra for sharing your wisdom with me

Meg Webster

I just finished a hand analysis with Sandra and want to share my impressions. I was quite struck by the comprehensive base of knowledge that is part of the analysis. She obviously draws upon that in her work. She related her observations very thoroughly, specifically and they gave me insight. I am always interested in learning how to better engage with my life so I have been active in self improvement for some time. At this point, I am questioning how to make some of the choices that we all face, and where to put my energies. The insight and observations that Sandra shared resonated with me and revealed more than I had been aware of previously. The point of view she takes is different than the usual psychological postures, so it brought me an additional perspective. Sandra was thoughtful and unrushed. I felt like there was a real individual attention given to me. I look forward to carrying the results of her reading into my future actions.

Bill Baker