Like examining an acorn to see what kind of tree it will become, our hands contain a detailed map of who we can become and the path through our own personal version of the human experience.

Like you, your fingerprints are completely unique in the universe. They have remained unaltered since the 16th week after you were conceived. Discovering their encoded information brings a fresh perspective to the unfoldment of your life and the people you have chosen to be in it. You can now see the bigger picture including your own role in creating your life story.

In other words, your hands clearly define your Life Purpose and Life Lesson. Understanding and applying this information opens the door to a new paradigm of creativity, fulfillment, and an empowered experience of your life.

What people say about Sandra

I’ve long known Sandra Edwards’s work to be highly skilled and caring. During a recent brief hand reading, she saw into the heart of very pesky long-standing problem.  In one short sentence, she gave me a missing key to more ease and confidence to build better relationships and grow my business. Her words are like those of a cherished guide, gently and firmly reminding of what I need to know and do.

 Thank you, Sandra

Pat McHenry Sullivan

Everyday Genius', Everyday Genius'

I did get some new information from your hand reading. I have never fully acknowledged myself as a healer or as a spiritual teacher. I always saw my work as showing people the way to their healing. But then maybe that’s really what healers do. Also, it is a big change for me to open to the idea of clairvoyance. Owning that gift is quite a step for me. As you say, I have not always been good at acknowledging my accomplishments. And when it comes to the Law of Attraction, that is not very helpful.

Also, I’m getting a clear message to step more fully into my artwork. It is so easy for me to get caught up in all the details of my business. That’s the doing all the time. It doesn’t help that everyone in my life is even more into doing than I am. I am seeking my level of comfortable ease.

Thank for all your wise information.


Dr. Michelle Peticolas

Inner Game Expert, Secrets of Life and Death



This is a space where she loves to gather together with her friends, old and new to spend time in community. Often she hosts events here. Sandra will start the program with little bit about Hand Analysis. Each time she will share something new that you can learn from your hands. Sometimes a special invited guest will share about their interests and expertise on a topic such as Tarot, relationships, travel, books, etc. They will finish with a lively discussion about what was heard, and anything else that sparks the interest of the group.

Snacks and perhaps even a glass of wine will frequently be on offer. Keep checking back to see when the next gathering will be. You will want to be there.


Sandra Edwards is an educated and intuitive Hand Analyst. She is certified by The International Institute of Hand Analysis of San Francisco, and has completed a graduate program at the Apposta School in Los Angeles. She is focused on the continual self-discovery and evolution of the human experience and its application to us as unique individuals.