I was born in North Dakota near the badlands and near the Montana border, We lived in a very small rural community with other Scandinavians and German people.

It was time of depression and my young parents had trouble finding work. Finally they found something at a farm that offered a small trailer for housing. That trailer was very cold during the North Dakota winters. I believe my first memory was as an infant being cold.

I have another memory of standing on the prairie by myself. I must have been .. about 14. I just had a knowingness that I was not going to stay in that place. That came to fruition soon as my parents bought land in the Valley in Helena Montana the year I graduated from high school.

After high school I lived with them for a couple of years, working and going to school. That is where I met the man who invited me to join him in California.

Six months later found me traveling down the coast by train on my way to San Francisco Bay Area. I was 19 at the time and Bay Area has been my home since.

We eventually got married and had two beautiful children who are now wonderful adults.

We had loads of fun checking out the Bay Area and learning all the places and things to do. Working and raising children, but it just could not last. When the children were young teens their father and I divorced. That was a difficult time to be sure.

When the children were young I had an opportunity to have a business of my own..Divorce Centers, helping people handle their own divorce without an attorney. It was the perfect business for my temperament and my skills. I connected well with the people who came for my help, could understand their needs, and knew what to do for them.

Hand Analysis was life changing for me. The main thing I learned was that my life purpose is Healer, Catalyst for change, and I realized that I was fulfilling my purpose at the Divorce Center helping people in their time of change. That gave me new energy and enthusiasm for my work.

It was Fall of 2000 when I found hand analysis. A friend emailed me saying “you might be interest”. The web site was International Institute of Hand Analysis. I was intrigued. I had been looking for something – didn’t know what. This seemed to fill the bill. It was spiritual and I was learning about myself – the inner working of myself and other people. It was self healing. I studied with the hand analysis group for many years. Actually I still study, this is a life time of study.

When I sold my business it was natural to turn toward hand analysis as a business. The problem was that the Divorce business and the hand business required different skill sets. Divorce Center I just sat at desk and the clients came to me. Hand Analysis I must teach people what it is all about. I have to stand up and claim to be the expert. That has been hard for me to do. It has been a challenge but well worth it. I learned from my hands that I have the focus and the tenacity to stay with it until it works.

View along the magic tree house deck

I live in a small house in the Oakland Hills, California. My house was designed and built for me. It is my magic tree house. 735 sq.ft. with high ceilings and a lot of big windows looking out over the San Francisco Bay and San Francisco. The art in the house tells of my own travels as well as the travels of my children. Displayed is artwork of friends and things that delight me. I especially love the large painting of my father I did very intuitively when he was sick and close to death. My daughter brought from Thailand a pair of very large wooden hands in mudra position. There are masks from many countries where I have visited and one my son brought from Sri Lanka. Good energy and joy prevails over my magic tree house.

I am a Hand Analyst. My business is Hand Analysis for Self Discovery. People come to my magic tree house to have reading sessions. I do encourage a series of 6 sessions so that we can get to the depth of it all. I also go to parties to read hands as well as make Hand Analysis parties to inform people of what I do. Traveling has given me the opportunity to read hands and spread the word about Hand Analysis. Life is good. Hand Analysis has certainly helped me have my best life.