Simian Crease is a gift maker that I have and is fairly rare. It is the head line and the heart line running on the same track. The person who has this marker doesn’t really know if they are having thoughts or feelings. They tend to be really focused on what they are doing and very intense.

The following are notes about the traits indicated by the Simian Crease made by one of my mentors, Terry Linn Snider:

Thoughts imbued with sticky feelings.

Emotional memory stored in body.

Dry thoughts not remembered.

Look for the emotion, (as opposed to meaning).

Feelings are experienced in the body.  Simian people are thinking about the feelings – seems like it is in the head, making feelings intellectual and the thought very intense.

Seems like an intense thought – really feeling in body; it is almost impossible to separate them.

Feel what the sensation is to feel and use the language etc.

“I am hurt”, “I am sad,  “I am mad, “I am embarrassed

The feeling is there –  I am over thinking the feeling.

School of love is about being able to identify feelings as they happen – authentically.

My job is to continually pay attention, identify and name feelings.

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