It was so disappointing. 10 minutes is what I had to speak so I had honed my talk down to the minimum and followed all the rules of my coach. The offer was impeccable, short and very relevant to the occasion.

No one took my offer. No one was even interested enough learn about their heart lines and their communication style for only $47.

Yes, I was disappointed and I was angry. The speaker who came shortly after me had 20 minutes, was very enthusiastic, and her message was very strong. People probably forgot everything I said.

Later I was told by a knowing person, “oh, that group, they never buy anything.” Coach Ann gave me some hints about languaging so the audience would relate. The next time I will have a better talk.

I will just call this incident another learning experience and let it go.

You may not know this … I can read heart lines via computer too. If you’d like to take me up on the offer to learn about your communication style we can do it in a half-hour session on Zoom.  Let me know.

Now $47, regularly $97 All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with video capability,   Click HERE to book your reading.

I will email you a link to join me on Zoom just before your reading time.