Hand Analysis is all about using the whole hand to reveal your story.  As the Hand Analyst, I look at the shape, texture, quality of line, length of fingers and much much more.  One marker does not really stand alone, however, we can learn some essential things about our communication style, how we want to love and be loved, and most importantly, our non-negotiable need from our heartlines. Our non-negotiable need is that bottom line – what most needs to be present in a relationship for you to be happy.

The heartline begins under your pinky, (called Mercury in Hand Analysis), and moves toward your thumb.  The destination of that line indicates which heart line type you are.

There are 4 basic heartline types which I define by the element that most characterizes the qualities of each line. You could have different heart lines on each hand and even more than one heart on one hand.

You could have Fire, Water, Air or Earth heart lines. Each has it’s own non-negotiable need, communication style, gifts and challenges. It is your job to know those needs and take responsibility for filling those needs every day to be happy.

Fire heartline’s non-negotiable need is passion. This person needs passion in work, hobbies, relationship every day. Fire heartlines are busy all the time and hates boredom.

Water heartline is all about connection, in fact, that is the non-negotiable need. This person is emotional loving person who expresses feelings easily.

Air heartline is a visionary who spends a lot of time thinking – even thinking about feelings. The non-negotiable need is meaning. Must have meaning in work, hobbies and/or personal relationships everyday.

Earth heartline’ non-negotiable need is freedom. This person needs to have own quiet time every day to be happy

Knowing your own heartlines and the heartlines of the people close to you could make a very big difference in the way you interact.  Understanding that we are all wired to have certain communication styles, different ways of giving and receiving love, and non-negotiable needs that drive us, allows us to have compassion for each person’s life journey.