“Thumbs up”

The thumb represents your will and determination, as well as how you shape, control and dominate your environment – or not.  Even our language reflects these notions: “under my thumb,” “rule of thumb,” “thumbs up,” ….along with the related directive, “Get a grip!” – used when you’re feeling out of control and a bit shaky with a situation.

If you have a flexible thumb, one that can bend back quite a bit, you’re probably someone who goes with the flow – like a willow tree bending in the wind.  And then there is the really bending-over-backwards thumb – the person who bends the world to his/her way.

On the other side of the spectrum, the person with a stiff thumb, with little or no yield, is assertive and self reliant.  They stay the course – like an oak tree that does not bend in the wind.  This person also tends to be trusting only of himself or herself.  People who believe “if you want something done you must do it yourself” probably have stiff thumbs. I happen to have a very stiff thumb and have been called stubborn.  But that knowledge allows me to work around it…most of the time.

Then there is the “angle of opposition” to consider.  As you hold your hand up in a natural position, the angle of opposition refers to the distance between your thumb and the palm of your hand.  Try this exercise to determine your angle of opposition:

Relax and shake out your hands.  Hold them up naturally, looking at your palm.  Is the space between your thumb and palm narrow or wide?  Someone with a wide angle, as wide as 90%, is the person who is going to be happiest with taking on a lot of responsibility, like the CEO of a big company, or tending to a large garden. The narrower that angle between thumb and palm, the less responsibility the person wants.

It would be a mistake to interpret these meanings as good or bad.  They simply give us a better understanding of why we do what we do. Thumbs are only one piece of the whole picture of your life direction and clear purpose.

In a comprehensive Hand Analysis reading I look at all the pieces of information in your hand:  the overall shape of the hands, the shape and length of your fingers, your hand’s texture and color, of course the lines and creases, and much, much more.  They all thread together to reveal your personal life story.

This is what I do.  It’s my own life purpose, and makes a difference to the clients I help.