My journals are testament to how many times I have set the same intentions. Am I setting the wrong intentions or am I just not able to get through the emotional blocks that keep me from fulfilling my needs and desires?

I have to keep reminding myself that I am not in charge here, that there is something much larger than me directing this show. The best I can do is observe what is going on around me – without judgment, and have some awareness of my innate stubbornness seducing me away from my challenges rather than going forward to meet them head on.

The blocks – that is where my attention needs to be. It seems that I need to recognize and move through the hard stuff, like fear of rejection and connecting more authentically with each person I meet. I am beginning to see that is the pathway to the fulfillment I am yearning for.

2011 is the year I will have the inspiration, the openness and self compassion to follow through and get to the other side of my personal challenges.