Your finger print patterns hold the profound information of the Life Purpose and the Life Lessons you were born with.  Amazing, considering that the swirls and markings that are your finger prints were fully developed 16 weeks after conception.

You were born with certain potentials, talents and challenges that guide and affect you  throughout your whole life.  All of these things are reflected in your hands.

The system of deciphering the code of finger print patterns was discovered by Richard Unger, who continues to research and work in Marin County, California.  While studying medical records, and reading thousands of pairs of hands, followed by studying every known palmistry traditions, Mr. Unger discovered the system we now refer to as modern hand analysis.

The basis of the system for decoding finger print patterns has four schools: Service, Love, Wisdom and Peace.  We are all at the university of life and we each specialize in one school, or a combination of  two or three schools for some people.

Your school permeates your whole life, colors everything you do, think, and feel.  If I use the analogy of swimming,your particular  school, as indicated in your hand, is like the water you swim in.

If you’re curious to find out which school you belong to, I do provide a complimentary consultation.  Please contact me to schedule an appointment.