Hand Analysis is my guidance for life, the goal post by which I know if I am on the right track, the right path for me at this time.

I was fascinated by Hand Analysis immediately, even before I had my own hands read.  It was one of those times in my life  when I was looking for something more – more meaningful.  I was wondering, “is this all there is”.  Therapy, counseling and research into different personal practices did not help me find whatever I was looking for.

Fall of 2000 I spent a week of contemplation at Rio Caliente, a resort 45 minutes out of Guadalajara, Mexico.  It was a gift from family and friends for my 60th birthday.   All that contemplation and time outside  my regular life allowed me to realized that it was time to experience life differently, that I needed to find something new to learn and grow into.  Something that would bring more depth into my life.

My first communication when I returned home from Rio Caliente was from a friend who encouraged me to check out the web site for International Institute of Hand Analysis.  They were having an intensive weekend class the following week end.  I joined the class to see what Hand Analysis was all about, and have been studying Hand Analysis since that time.  I finally had found  the answer to my quest for meaning and personal growth.

The first hand reading I had by a professional hand analyst was surprising informative.  I gained awareness about me regarding issues I had been struggling with all my life; about why I could not differentiate a feeling from a thought, and that my thought process really is different then others.  It was so confirming to realize that I came to this life time with certain talents and challenges and that I had the power to understand and meet my life challenges.  The information gained in just one hand reading enabled me to engage in my life with more direction and clarity than I had ever experienced in the past.

I continue to be fascinated and amazed by Hand Analysis.  It is a tool for understanding myself and others, and to be truly connected to a life that is fun, exciting, confirming and inspiring.  My goal is to share Hand Analysis and the benefits of Hand Analysis with as many people as possible.